Oh my gosh it’s been a long time! I’ve just lost track and so many things have happened!

Well first of all, Speckles is still with us. Transportation fell through (money issues) so we were not able to get Speckles to my cousin. We’re trying really hard to find a loving home for this girl, but no luck so far.

And then there is Isis. About two months ago I believe, we found a new home for Isis! A really sweet girl named Abby who has two other bunnies. But… Male bunnies. (I did tell her… At least 3 times to spay or keep Isis away from them) but I guess she decided that she wants babies so Isis is a mommy of two.

Toffee is doing really well also! He recently got his abscess back, but we went to the vet and it’s all better again! Hopefully it stays that way.

Sugar is… Okay. Physically, she’s fine, but she’s still extremely skittish and is really afraid. I can’t help but think that this is my fault somehow. I don’t handle her enough and I feel so bad for her. So here’s my newly devised plan:

Sold Speckles. Spay/nueter Sugar and Toffee. Bond them. Sell all 4 hutches and get a really big cage. That way when I can’t play with them, they won’t be lonely all the time! Hopefully the bonding works and I won’t I don’t completely fail.


One Response to “Wow.”

  1. furrybutts Says:

    Wow indeed 😀 Isis must be happy in her new home with her sweet human. I hope someone offers Speckles a good home too. And all the best with bonding Sugar and Toffee.. sure sounds like a fantastic plan 🙂

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