RIP Hans – Updates – CONKbunny Contest

First off, I would like to say some words. Hans at furrybutts ( has sadly passed. His mom and dad were awesome, he loved them and they loved him. Hans will be sorely missed by all.

RIP Hans –

May you have many adventures with all your new bunny friends at the Rainbow Bridge.


Not much updates. Did a major clean of *everything* the rabbits own, except cages. Cages would be done today, and they would also be taken inside today, but I’m sick. 😛 I also clipped nails.

CONKbunny Contest –

I won a spot in the CONKbunny contst! That means when a send a picture in of one of my bunnies, they will be drawn and if they get voted on, the bunny gets featured in a webcomic! I can’t wait for the voting!


One Response to “RIP Hans – Updates – CONKbunny Contest”

  1. furrybutts Says:

    Thanks for writing about Hans, Hannah. I hope he’s happy with his bunny buddies at the Bridge.

    Good luck in the CONKbunny contest, we’re looking forward to seeing one of your bunnies featured in the comic!

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