Finally some updates…

Sorry about my silence… It’s been pretty busy around here, and I haven’t been able to do much with the bunnies. That always seems to be my excuse, doesn’t it? *sigh*

Well anyway…

For a while, we couldn’t get Isis out of her hutch. She’s on the bottom story of Sugar’s hutch, so we can’t reach in from the top. Every time we put our hands in or something, she would lunge and growl. Well, finally when we were cleaning out hutches, we  removed everything from the top story (drop pan included) and reached down to get her. Once I was holding her and she was out of her cage, she was perfectly fine and content. I’m not sure what that was about, but I figure that Sugar’s smell triggered cage aggresiveness. She’s back in her small hutch and it seems to be doing wonders to her personality. All her cage aggresiveness has *mostly* gone away, and she’s even molting (have no idea what that’s about, maybe stress from switching cages again) ! My three friends and I were able to get about two handfuls of hair from her. We got her out, we were just petting her, when all off a sudden, “POOF” Magic Molting Fairy came to visit…


And while Isis is going back to normal, Sugar… Not so much.

After we moved Isis out of the bottom story, Sugar is going back to her lunging, aggressive self. I think it was when we were cleaning the cages, I haven’t had enough time to handle her everyday, and when we got her out it spooked her a little to all of a sudden be out of her cage. So when I reached into her hutch to give her food, she lunged and attacked the food like she did a month ago. And she was doing so well too… I hope this is a temporary thing.


Speckles is still her old silent self…  A little too silent for my liking. I really hope she comes around before this summer. I really want Speckles to be comfortable in her enviornment before I give her to my cousin. She’s a very shy girl. Man, it’s going to be really hard to give Speckles to my cousin. It’s going to be weird walking around and not see her, it’s like one of those things where you can’t imagine not having someone/something in your life. I really hope she’s happy at my cousin’s, the only reason why I’m doing this is because I feel like she’s not getting enough attention and love. I don’t want her to have to go through a bad life though.
Hm… Toffee… Let’s see…

His abscess is fully away! I’ve been monitering, and he hasn’t been chewing at his fur, the fur is fully covering his neck, and there’s no bump. 🙂 But I’m pretty sure he’s not too happy with me. I accidentally cut his quick the other day… :-/ I feel bad about it too, because I did the little “test” before. Where you squeeze twice to see if they flinch, and if they don’t, then you’re safe to go? Well, he didn’t flinch, he only flinched when I actually cut… He didn’t bleed a lot, and it stopped after a few seconds, which is good. I was frantically flitting about trying to see what I could do. He got lucky and was actually in my room for about an hour and a half. All the bunnies envied him that night. xD


So that’s basically all I’ve got to say! Except….

Hans at Furrybutts ( has malloclussion (as I’ve mentioned before) but has developed an abscess because of it on his cheek. He is undergoing surgery soon to get his incisors removed. Please pray and hope that Hans has an awesome recovery and that the abscess will go away!


3 Responses to “Finally some updates…”

  1. furrybutts Says:

    Aww.. thanks for the note on Hans. That’s very kind of you 😀 Hans is recovering from the surgery now, but we still have to kick that abscess in the bum!

    Poor Toffee! I do the “test” too.. I thought it would be a fool-proof test! Thanks for the warning, I’ll be extra extra careful when cutting bunny nails.

  2. Sunset Rabbitry Says:

    Yup, we are all hopeing for a speedy recovery with Hans. Poor Toffee. Hmm, Im sure Speckles will come around. 🙂

  3. thefluffies Says:

    Glad that Toffee’s abscess is fully away!

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